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Although having latest WordPress is good idea, but sometime you may wish to back to earlier version of WordPress installation after upgrading your WordPress. This can happen when your plugins do not work with new version of  WordPress and your site is depend to that plugins.

Good news is downgrading Latest Version of WordPress to a older version of WordPress  is very  easy task and that same as upgrading a WordPress to newer version but in reverse way.

Here I going to share my experience with you, how you can install older WordPress on newest version of WordPress. let say installing WordPress 3.0.0 on WordPress Version 3.2.1 without losing  current WordPress setting and data.  Save your time and avoid headache and enjoy reading this most wanted WordPress tip!


Good day and good news! lets see what is  “WordPress Wishlist Member Category Post widget” ?

You no longer need to create links to posts and add them to your sidebar manually . This Multi widget let you to select a category and display links from that category to related posts within current membership level into your sidebar. Here is a example. (more…)

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