Contact page is one of the most part of your website. Thanks to Contact Form 7 Plugin for WordPress that give us exactly what we need.
While it work great, but it might be hard for WordPress newbie to figure out how to change style of Contact Form 7 plugin.

If you like my Contact page, then you are on luck! just copy past my setting and you will have same as my Contact page.

  • First download Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Copy it in your WordPress Plugins folder and and activate it
  • look for Contact Form 7 setting in admin area. and copy past below code;


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Not everybody knows English.  Take advantage of your second language to enjoy more fresh members at your WordPress membership site.  Learn how to translate your WordPress and Wishlist member wordpress plugin to none English language. You can even translate your site to more than one language at same time. Here is how to do this.


Did you ever wanted to protect your blog contents and make it limited to only some WordPress users? If your answer is yes. Then WishList  member plugin is exactly what you  are looking for.

Popular features include Total Content Protection, Sequential Content Delivery, Easy Member Management and Broadcast sending email, Files protection, Export/Import/Backup/Restore/Rest, Powerful API, Integrate with so many shopping cart like PayPal and much more. but this is not all you get! let say how you can have fun with your WordPress blog and same time earn big money by  protected information on your WordPress blog sites. No longer search is required!. read the secret here (more…)

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WordPress have some unique feature that let you to split your post to two or more part. It come very handy and powerful when you going to write your post. While it is very basic but most WordPress newbie luckily to don’t know that!

let share another magic of WordPress with you.  On most WordPress websites you may notice  a short description about a post and then a link to whole the post article. This is what I am talking about.  You can do it too. Just spilit your post with <!–more–> Keyword. Texts before <!–more–> become the short description of your post.  The <!–more–> keyword will be replaced by a link that say “Read the rest of this entry >>” by clicking here!.

but wait!  you can go farther by using <!–nextpage–> Keyword.


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You may get this error if you try to install new theme or wordpress plugins, or installing update directly from wordpress admin area

Warning: ftp_mkdir() [function.ftp-mkdir]: /public_html/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/: Permission denied in /home/hecode/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpext.php on line 240

Could not create directory. /public_html/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/

Plugin Install Failed. Read the Solution   (more…)

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