• What you do if your  original WordPress admin login do not work?
  • What you do if a hacker changed your wordpress admin login username or password?
  • What you do if a seller tell you code/test a theme/plugin on his website and tell you this has to be done within next few hours but he forgot give you right  WordPress admin  login details?
  • did you ever found you forgot to write wordpress admin details right after fresh wordpress installation?
  • What you do if website owner don’t want to give you phpmyadmin or host control panel info?
Add new admin to wordpress when you lose orginal admin login info

Add new admin to wordpress without knowing orginal admin details

let make it simple you need free WordPress Emergency Add New Admin!

  • Download free  addnewadmin.zip and extract it to a folder
  • Upload addnewadmin.php to root of your wordpress instalation path using a ftp program such as filezilla
  • Navigate your browser to Http://yoursite.com/your_wordpress_instalation_path/addnewadmin/
  • You see a form that you can add new admin details. fill and submit and enjoy another new admin.
  • When you done, make sure to remove the script/file from your server. so no one else can find it.


  • Tested on WP3
  • If new admin user exist it show its info and do not overwrite it
  • Just one file.
  • Nice and easy user interface like fresh WordPress installation
  • It find right database  details such as prefix and connection info.
  • Its 100% Free!


Download latest WordPress Emergency Add New Admin

Download latest WordPress Emergency Add New Admin

Update:  Why use AddNewAdmin script instead of phpmyadmin?

  1. phpmyadmin is  good if you know how to use it. but AddNewAdmin is more easy and faster and safe. There is no way to lose your database  info with AddNewAdmin.  It only add new admin if same admin is not exist.
  2. You need access to phpmyadmin.  Most of the time you need control panel info in order to access to phpmyadmin.  You may have access to your site phpmyadmin via control panel.  But as freelancer you may don’t have it that time.  AddNewAdmin just need ftp info to upload.  AddNewAdmin is good to fix others websites at no time with less info.  Website owner  no need share phpmyadmin info or even cpanel info with you!
  3. You can install phpmyadmin and setup it via ftp and use it,  but using addnewadmin take less time , AddNewAdmin no need setup.  Just copy one file and use it right away.  Instead of emailing the buyer and asking for the host or phpmyadmin info,   Create new admin instantly  and do the task and let him know job is done and get paid faster.
  4. To create a admin using phpmyadmin you need to do it at least in few steps. finding right tables, creating a user . changing that user to admin. but   AddNewAdmin do all automatically just by one click. It find right wordpress database. It find right prefix.  It test existing user and add new admin where and when it should!
  5. by using phpmyadmin  you have to do the task  in hard way. but AddNewAdmin is like drinking water! It give you feel like WordPress way.
  6. AddNewAdmin is designed to be safe and fast to do what it say to do.  I personally used it on more than 50 sites  and counting!

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  1. steve
    August 7, 2010
    1:04 pm

    why when I use this tool does it create only a subscriber….it says it creates one and then shows the results and it says “subscriber”

    The new user created only has subscriber rights.

  2. Andy
    August 18, 2010
    8:50 am

    I saw host seem have problem with wordpress3 . They dont allow main wordpress function work well.

  3. Wp Learner
    September 26, 2010
    8:36 am

    Can I copy this file into some other folder instead of keeping it in root folder? Because keeping it in root folder seems to me like a risk. Moreover you have encrypted the php file, so unable to read. Suggest something

  4. caroline
    October 14, 2010
    5:56 pm

    thanks for taking your time to help people like me. However, I have just added another user, but it (wordPress)still doesn’t allow me to log into my back office. what should i do next? pls help

  5. Andy
    October 28, 2010
    11:35 am

    Hello Wp Learner,
    Use this tool when you need it. Otherwise You should not keep the file, Just upload , use and delete it.
    You should copy it to your WordPress installation folder. some time it is root.

  6. Ches Green
    January 23, 2011
    3:46 pm

    YOU ROCK. I am a Tech Guy and have built many sites. MyPHP kept on telling me fine when I reset the users pwd with MD5 but only your soln Worked. No lie, within 3 minutes of downloading, uploading to my site, I created an account, got in, deleted the file as you suggested. YAHOOO!!!!!

    Thanks Ches, I actually got an idea from your comment to add a delete link. This way we can delete it after creating needed user right there!

  7. gotohell
    May 28, 2011
    1:50 pm

    is this working with wordpress 3
    damn hell write down the compatibility of this script!!!!!!!!

  8. Andy
    August 9, 2011
    6:23 pm

    Sorry @gotoell.

    Yes it works with WordPress 3.x.x!

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